Monday, November 19, 2007

The Torquay Salvation Army

Jo, myself and Aaron Stobie had a chance to go to Torquay yesterday and help out. What a great community. From what I know things began with the Thrift shop in Torquay, and income increased through that and contacts were made in the community. Then some ministries began to sprout up from the Thrift shop, like Mainly Music programs. The Salvos then at Torquay commenced a Church service on a Sunday arvo over a year ago.

In amongst all the things we could have assisted with, we helped with the Sunday night service. About 40 people rocked up, with heaps of children running around and just having heaps of fun. We helped with the music, and parents worshipped while kids had fun playing little shaker instruments (Maracas?) Anyway, what a great missional community. The fellowship is relaxed and genuine, new people came along, people are becoming adherents, and Jesus is the focus!!

Good stuff Torquay. I pray a blessing upon your leadership team, and for Cath and Phill this coming week for Commissioning!

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