Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Connections is here!

Bring your faith and put on your armour. What an awesome weekend this will be. If you're coming just for the Sunday why don't you put aside what you're doing on Saturday and join in the Parade/March and the great electives that will be on.

Today was Covenant Day for the Heralds... and many of us prayed and prayed as we watched these guys sign their covenants. Vowing to make winning souls the first purpose of their life, and committing their lives to serving the poor and needy. What an awesome thing! Will you commit your life to winning souls and serving the needy?

Bring your mates to Connections. Believe its going to be powerful. Lives will be transformed in the presence of Jesus. I believe that. Believe that with me.

Bring your faith and put on y0ur armour. This weekend is going to change the face of The Salvation Army.

It's about Jesus.

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