Thursday, November 8, 2007

Holy Discontent - Bill Hybels

A month or so back, I read a new Hybels book called, 'Holy Discontent'.

It's a fairly easy read, but with an important message. Each of us should find our holy discontent, that is, find the thing that frustrates us, or the injustice that needs to change... and then work on that holy discontent.

For William Wilberforce, his holy discontent was slavery. He dedicated his life to seeing slaves be set free, and for government policy to be overruled. For Mother Theresa, her holy discontent was people in poverty deserving dignity and compassion and support. She, as we know, devoted her life to aiding those in these situations.

I wonder, what is your holy discontent? Find it. Then as Hybel says, feed it. Don't lose the passion you have for that discontentedness.

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