Monday, November 26, 2007


It's a new day! Amen. Let me share some thoughts following a huge week of Connections 07':

* The Salvation Army is a force to be reckoned with; watch out Devil, Jesus has conquered the grave!
* God is bringing more and more people to their knees in prayer and submission. I said to Jo on Thursday morning, after we had been down the front kneeling before the Lord in tears, I never want to stop kneeling before God in surrender, even as a future officer into the future.
* The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory has begun a new day, a new era. A time where encouragement will be the attitude, and blessing others will be the norm (trust me I'm learning this one, as I believe many Salvationists are)
* As I prayed Saturday night prior to the two Sunday events, I saw a vision of the Holy Spirit's fire weaving in and out of the rows of seats in the venue. Like the Fantastic Four fire guy; a flaming fast fire enveloping all those it touches.
* I have a new passion for the mission of The Salvation Army!
* I'm loving the phrase, 'WIN THE WORLD FOR JESUS' I believe it encapsulates all that we are about. If we win the World for Jesus then the World is reconciled to God through Christ, the World will be just, and Nations will be Holy and Sanctified, as will all individuals!
* On the train to Parliament Station, a lady asked us for some money. She looked really drugged and sleep deprived. We found out she needed a meal. She came with us to Mc'Donalds near Parliament Station and we bought her a meal. I'm loving the opportunities God gives us to put the talk into action.
* On Sunday afternoon we sat with mates for lunch at Southern Cross Station, and we talked with a lady next to us about The Salvation Army and even better, we spoke about the saving grace of Jesus!
* I believe we need large Salvation Army gatherings at least once a year, where we can come together as a large group and connect with the Lord. Here's a vision I saw earlier on in the year, while at Rod Laver Arena... I saw the Rod Laver Arena (seating atleast 15,000) filled with Salvationists full-on worshipping Jesus, with Salvos wearing many different uniforms, united in their mission and focus. Lord let it be! Maybe some of us young people will be reaping the harvest of the painful, hard work of our forefathers...


* The vision outlined by Commissioner Jim Knaggs in his new book, 'One Day...', will soon have to be called 'Today...' ; you understand what I mean??

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