Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Believer's Creed

I believe life is more than survival.
I believe the heart is more than a muscle.
I believe we can know right from wrong.
I believe in hope and freedom.
I believe my life can make a difference.
I believe the message of the cross.
What do you believe?
(c) 2004 OneWayOut

I believe following Jesus should be radical
I believe being filled with the Holy Spirit gives us the power we need for ministry
I believe the Salvation Army is a passionate movement reaching the lost
I believe I'm a part of that movement
I believe Corps Planting needs to be a focus for our Territory
I believe we are called to do more than maintain, but to establish and build
I believe that in the future God is going to bring breath and life into our Salvation Army.
I believe it. Do you?

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