Monday, January 29, 2007

The future awaits...

Well some of you that read my blog probably know I've been pretty busy lately. You know. Moving into College. It's all exciting. Unpacking boxes, farewell meetings, hellos, goodbyes, welcomes, sianaras, the list goes on.

So what's my great spiritual insight, in amongst all the tears, anxiousness and joy? Hmm... We gotta be radical for Jesus. No more sitting around, spending all our days reading blogs. Isn't that right guys? Except reading this blog. Isn't that right guys?

The Holy Spirit wants to do something radical in each of our lives. He's ready to speak into our lives, heal our hurts and transform us into the likeness of Jesus. Exciting times...

Well, the future awaits... If I am able to have Internet access, I'll keep the site updated lots. Thanks to those guys recently who have been praying for Jo and I and also for those that have made generous financial gifts to support us through College.

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