Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mindless Entertainment

I find myself frustrated recently when watching the news. During 30 minutes of news coverage, the first five minutes is about who died recently in Melbourne, the next 5 is coverage of politics that is really only arguing amongst politicians. The next 10 minutes is about pop stars that are in court, the paparazzi and whose marrying whose famous relative. The next 8 minutes are re-runs of sport from 2 days ago and then two minutes for the weather.

I wonder though... How many Iraqi soldiers were killed today? How many youth have committed suicide recently? Is the future of the Tamil tigers and the Sri Lankan Government improving? Whose providing fresh water to the people of Sudan? Are we doing anything to improve world poverty? Have we built the infrastructure following the devastating Tsunami?

Do we care more about the "Pop Culture" than we do the World issues? Will people see Christ in us, when we think less of ourselves and whose on the cover of Woman's Day, but act on the injustices of this World?

Channel Nine if you're listening... We're sick of mindless entertainment. Let's work together to bring awareness and change to a World that desperately needs something greater than mere gimmicks and the latest pop news.

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