Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I consider our Church to be Traditional?

The Australia Southern Territory did a Natural Church Development survey back in 2005, and struggled with the question, 'Do you consider your church to be traditional?'

A guy named Joe S Ellis says, 'Traditionalism elevates expedient forms or practises to a sacrosanct position and insists on their perpetuation. Traditions frequently outlive any semblance of reason. Tradition may become a handicap...'

Are you still with me? The Salvation Army struggled generally with this question, maybe because in the past we've focused too much on preserving the form of the Army, as opposed to the mission of the Army. See, our mission is to reach the lost. The form that that takes should look different as our world changes/progresses. (If I'm still singing 'Shout to the Lord' in 2040, I'll shoot myself - and Darlene from Hillsong church will probably shoot me too).

Lets recapture the thought, that the Salvation Army is about bringing salvation to the lost, and within that, reforming society. We are not called to go into all the world and make brass players. Nor are we called to make soliders who just sit in church on Sundays. We are called to build an army sold out to Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. Lets seek first the Kingdom of God and let everything else be secondary to that.

Whose with me? Whose gonna change their world for Jesus? Don't be sold out to holding onto traditions, but hold on to the author and perfector of our faith - JESUS!

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