Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Speak Simply! Communicate God's Word so People Understand

Now, I know you are a complex human being, but please, speak simply!

In George Muller's autobiography, he writes:
Simplicity in expression is of utmost importance. The teacher should speak so that even children and people who cannot read may be able to understand him, as far as the natural mind can comprehend the things of God. Every congregation has people of various educational and social backgrounds. The expounder of the truth of God speaks for God and for eternity. It is unlikely that he will benefit the hearers unless he uses plain speech (p. 34).
Even back in the mid 1800s, George Muller had a passion to communicate the Word of God in a way that the masses understood. Though Muller was an intelligent man, who spent much time studying Hebrew, Greek, etc, he was passionate about people understanding what is written in the Bible.

No doubt the Bible contains deep truths, that even the brightest of theologians struggle to grasp, but the challenge is to take complex ideas and thoughts and communicate them with simplicity.

I am always amazed when I read social media sites, and read of Christians quoting the King James Version of the Bible. I am sure King James, if he were alive today, would be very proud. In fact, thus saith the Lord, he speaketh very much happiness of this. What irks me about this, is not the message of the KJV per se, but rather the unnecessary hurdles we put in front of people in order for them to respond to the message of Christ.

Here are some tips on communicating effectively.

Let's make the gospel of Christ accessible to the average person.

Jesus died for your sins. Ask him for forgiveness. Start living for him today.

The challenge we each have, is to take the Word of God, in all of its fullness and its complexity and communicate the nuggets of truth that we derive from our engagement with it.

Take complex thought and make it simple.      

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