Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jamie Oliver, Artichokes and the Local Church

What do Jamie Oliver, artichokes and the local church have in common?

At first glance, there are little strands of commonality. Jamie Oliver a famous, respected chef, that has informed millions of people on the art of healthy cooking. The local church, a group of people striving after wholeness, fulfilment and a better world that better reflects God and his purposes.

Lets go beyond the pine nut and broccoli dish, with the side serve of calamari chilli.

There is something about Jamie Oliver AND the local church that has my bells ringing.

Ring, Ring.

You know what it is?

It's freedom of style. It's the generous nature. It's the "give it all you've got" kind of attitude. It's the vision to transform society with the core mission at hand. It's the capacity to use resources and influence to make a positive change. It's the 'breaking the rules' kind of mantra, that respects the fundamentals, but tests the boundaries. It's about giving it a go.

Jamie Oliver is king at that.

The church still has a way to go, but in many places is making it happen.

When the church grasps the idea of adaptation, lays down its fear of change and wholeheartedly explores new expressions of Christ-centred ministry, great stories evolve.

Will you be a part of one of those stories?

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