Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christianity is for Wimps?

What a Load of Christian Baloney!

I have a relative who is absolutely convinced, that if he becomes a ‘Christian’ then life would be terribly religious, rigid and unexciting. Let’s be honest, that’s what he believes. He’ll be stuck in church for the rest of his life, and then stuck in heaven with a bunch of bible bashers and people wearing light brown woollen sweaters for all of eternity. Wow. Sounds like something worth pursuing...

He assumes that he would have to give up the drink, sit in the church and sing hymns, offer too much of his pay-check to ‘religion’ and his life would be miserable. I bet you've thought this before.

Don't stop reading here, even though you know, what comes next may be a religious attempt to justify the church’s position on particular theological viewpoints and attempt to woo you from your current way of living. Let’s not beat around the bush – Jesus calls for a life of self-sacrifice. He calls people to live for God and others, more than they live for themselves. That goes against the grain of the individualistic, self-centred culture that is trumpeted by media advertising. They say, ‘It’s time to upgrade your TV to a bigger one’ ‘It’s time to be dissatisfied with what you wear – come and shop here...’ ‘Get all the options YOU need, when you get this insurance.’ That is what makes the whole Christian thing counter-cultural. It says, ‘Hey, stop living for yourself and live for others’.

If I’m brutally honest, I don’t like organised religion. I am uncomfortable living life under excessive rules and regulations, and Christianity is at times, a Western World construct that unknowingly burdens people into religiosity. BUT, the message behind the religion is not about rules and regulations, per se, but about a relationship. What are some words that are relevant here...? I am thinking, love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength and love your neighbour as yourself. This is, ultimately about relationship, not religiosity, and is about living for God, and living for others.

I’m not going to sugar coat Christianity, by saying following the God who created you is going to make life all rosy and peachy. I’m also not saying, that following God still allows you to live as you please and hold onto this, ‘I’m gonna live the way I want to live’ kind of mantra. Though, I will say, that following Jesus, gives eternal purpose to your existence. It offers a counter-cultural way of living, that kicks the consumerist self-centred life where it hurts. It calls you to live for God and to focus on others more than yourself.

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate pre-conceived ideas about religion, 'becoming a Christian' and church. A relationship is offered to you from God, through Christ, and all you have to do, is believe in him through faith. Why not consider offering up a prayer today, that says, ‘God, I want to know who you are, help me to know Jesus...’

It’s that easy.
Send me an email if you make that decision today. 


God bless!


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