Wednesday, June 6, 2012

George Muller on Preaching

Here are some excerpts from George Muller from The Autobiography of George Muller (compiled in 1984):
Sometimes I still do not have a text [to preach on] after praying. At first I was puzzled by this, but I have learned to simply continue with my regular reading of the Scriptures, praying while I read for a text. I have had to read five, ten, even twenty chapters before the Lord has given me a text. Many times I have even had to go to the meeting place without a subject. But I have always obtained it, perhaps, only a few minutes before I was going to speak (p. 31-32).
As a preacher myself, I am trying hard to imagine what I would be feeling, if I still did not have any clue what I was communicating to the listeners, three minutes before speaking! Then George Muller goes on to offer his advice on preaching:
The preparation for the public ministry of the Word is even more excellent than preaching in church. To live in constant communion with the Lord, and to be habitually and frequently in meditation over the truth is its own reward. 
Expounding the Scriptures [Exegesis] is more beneficial especially when studying a whole gospel or epistle. This may be done either by entering minutely into the meaning of every verse or by giving the main points and leading the hearers to see the overall meaning of the whole book. Expounding the Scriptures encourages the congregation that leads believers to value the Scriptures is important (p. 33).
Then Muller throws a punch with this comment:
This method of preaching is more beneficial to the hearers than if, on a single verse, some remarks are made so that the portion of Scripture is scarcely anything but a motto for the subject (p. 33).
Here's a man, George Muller, known for his faith, in living without a wage, and praying and watching God constantly provide. Here's a man, passionate about the Word of God, and encouraging preachers of the Word, to study it, meditate on it, and expound the Scriptures so as to have the most effect on its listeners when they preach the Word.

Good on you George Muller. Well said.

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