Saturday, October 8, 2011

First World Problem

I was complaing the other day to my wife Jo, when I said, 'Ahh, I burnt my feet, running to buy my icecream from the delivery truck' Her answer was, in a straight and deep voice, 'First world problem.' I have been thinking about that lately.
* The Cafe isn't open yet - First world problem
* My car won't start - First world problem
* They don't have the clothes in my size - First world problem
* I had to wait ten minutes in line at the supermarket - First world problem
* They didn't have lite milk - First world problem

You get the picture. So many of our 'problems' are simply first world issues. Lets have a quick look at it from another angle
* I have no clean drinking water, at all - Third world problem
* I can't feed the family enough food - Third world problem
* I don't earn enough money to get out of this cycle of poverty - Third world (& First world relative poverty).

Thanks Jo - You help me put things in perspective!

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  1. yeah, perspective is a good thing. I have no car, and usually get around town on my bicycle. But I can borrow a car usually when I really need one. So, not really a problem. Not much money, but I have what I need. And despite having little income, I've seen China and India in the last couple of years, and that really puts my living conditions into perspective! God is good...


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