Friday, October 7, 2011

Emotionally Strong People - Dealing with Conflict

I'm beginning to think of the importance of our ability to deal with conflict and the growth of the local church. We focus on growing ministers who have sound doctrine, who understand their theology, and this is great. We spend time learning the ins and outs of the movement we are a part, and that is admirable. I wonder though, whether we are in need of growing leaders who are able to work through conflict. Too many ministers I see, shrug their shoulders, or sweep it under the carpet, or just dismiss the issues like, "That's just Jane..."

Emotionally intelligent people are able to be assertive, and have that difficult conversation. I am not saying I am good at this. No way. My whole educational career has been focusing on developing my IQ. Probably your educational past as well. You know, get better at Mathematics, improve your English, learn your History and so it goes on. The problem is, throughout our lives we have never intently developed our ability to manage our emotions and deal with conflict. What a challenge we have before us; to become not just 'Intelligent' people, but emotionally secure and strong people.

Help us God! 

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