Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Competencies of U.S. Military Leaders

Following on from the previous blog on the U.S. Military's Leadership Philosophy, lets look at some of the competencies that are needed for effective U.S. Military soldiers.

Firstly, following on from the BE-KNOW-DO leadership mantra, there's this quote from General Edward C. Meyer (Chief of Staff, Army 1979-1983):
"Just as the diamond requires three properties for its formation - carbon, heat, and pressure - successful leaders require the interaction of three properties - character, knowledge, and application. Like carbon to the diamond, character is the basic quality of the leader... But as carbon alone does not create a diamond, neither can character alone create a leader. The diamond needs heat. Man needs knowledge, study and preparation... The third property, pressure - acting in conjuction with carbon and heat - forms the diamond. Similarly, one's character attended by knowledge, blooms through application to produce a leader."

Below is what is required of leaders within the U.S. Military.

Attributes of Leadership:
  • A leader of character
    • Army values
    • Empathy
    • Warrior Ethos
  • A leader with presence
    • Military bearing
    • Physically fit
    • Composed, confident
    • Resilient
  • A leader with intellectual capacity
    • Mental agility
    • Sound judgment
    • Innovation
    • Interpersonal tact
    • Domain knowledge
Competencies of Leadership:
  • Leadership
    • Leads others
    • Extends leadership beyond the chain of command
    • Leads by example
    • Communicates effectively
  • Develops others
    • Creates a positive environment
    • Prepares and develops self
    • Develops and invests in others
  • Achieves
    • Gets results!
Leaders from all organisations and walks of life can learn from these core competencies on leadership from the U.S. Army.

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