Monday, October 31, 2011

Two words that have literally floored me

My heart pounds right now, as I consider the words the Holy Spirit has implanted in my mind. They won't pass from me. The words seem to be ingrained there for this particular moment. These two words fly in the face of my future plans. They challenge my intended motives for conflict resolution. While I was ready to catch up with someone with all guns blazing, these two words have gripped me. They have floored me, really. It's a dint to my ego, let's be honest, but they're words God has planted into my mind. No other humanistic reasoning will I accept - these two words would not have popped into my mind other than a powerful deity at work... Well the two words...
Extravagant Love.

That's all, extravagant love. I had intended on throwing the law at someone. I had intended to give them a piece of my mind. I had intended to swat the fly with a sledge hammer. But those two words came into my mind, and I thank God.

See, God showed extravagant love when he sent his son, Jesus Christ to die for the sins of humanity. I had forgotten that. Here I am being woken up by God, and I hear the voice saying, 'Hey, extravagant love, not overpowering law, or humanistic condemnation... get it right. You're following me, remember?'
What a challenge I face right now. Will I bow before God, and humbly accept this word for my life and ministry? Or will I say, no way, and try to do things in my own strength, with my only plans and futile endeveours?


  1. Peter last night I had been battling with thoughts in my head, similar to you someone had wronged me - on more than one occasion and the thought was to get even, give them a serve, the thoughts woke me so I came downstairs and opened up facebook and saw your link to this blog - the words were for me too.. thank you for being obedient and delivering the message. I did get some sleep after this... extravagant love - love undeserved.

  2. You have 2 words I will give you another word GRACE.

    Great Blog Pete Bless Ya


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