Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Revolutionary Thoughts, Revolutionary Ramblings

* I read an email recently criticising Earth Hour saying that it does not intend it purpose of reducing Global Warming effects. I believe it helps to build awareness on the reality of global warming.
* Interested in injustices? Check out Free West Papua which is a site dedicated to reporting the injustices that have and still occur for West Papuans with corruption and power issues with the Indonesian Government/Military.
* Watched a documentary about Affordable Housing in Australia. There is no easy solution apparently. Pray for wisdom for the Minister of Housing in Australia! Check out: Minister for Housing - Australia (Hon Tanya Plibersek).
* I took a Drug & Alcohol client (friend!) to Church on Sunday. He enjoyed it, mostly because he felt God was speaking to his heart... He's interested in going to Hillsong Conference in Sydney with Jo and I.
* 11 Youth attended our Revolution Bible Study on Sunday night. Leaders are being developed. Youth are getting passionate for Jesus. The Revolution is happening...

* We are a Salvation Army. We want to see people saved. And for all those theologians reading... yes, fully saved, saved from sin, addictions, giving into temptations, etc. Save us Lord Jesus. Let the Revolution begin!

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