Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Purpose

I have been attempting to put together a personal mission statement over many months, and nothing has every clicked, until last night.
I was up until 1am, praying and brainstorming, and I came up with the acronym:


These are five roles that I believe God has gifted me in. My aim is to use these giftings to 100% capacity at all times, and I wish to go through life intentionally improving on these things...

Personally, ministry is going well. Jo and I have led times of worship recently and preached the message of Jesus to the people of Darwin Salvos. I have made much time to read lately, especially at nights and here are some thoughts:

* When we build followers, we add, when we build leaders, we multiply
* Leadership is about timing. God brought about a Reformation around the 16th Century, through people like Martin Luther. People said the same things as Luther said years before, but were not heard, as the timing wasn't right.
* Maintainance seems to me, to actually be decline. When we find ourselves comfortable, we seem to not just maintain, but things actually fall backwards.
* When we walk, we are constantly falling forward... a little bit like how faith should be.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of my 'SALVO' acronym, and some scripture references that apply.


  1. Pete,

    you are always an inspiration to me... bless you buddy

  2. Pete,

    you are always an inspiration to me... bless you buddy


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