Friday, March 28, 2008

Communicating the Gospel in Everyday Language

With my time spent at Darwin's Sunrise Centre (Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre and Homeless Shelter), I have been wrestling with how we communicate the message of Jesus to everyday people. Most of the guys have never been to a 'Church' or have been burnt by 'Church politics'.

It's true the essence of the message does not change from generation to generation, but the form in which we communicate this message must change and develop. If I read John Wesley's words on salvation or justice written back in the 1700's there would be little or no comprehension. Yet why in churches do we all of sudden use poetic language, and pray like we're speaking at an upper-class English University seminar?

What's wrong with sharing the story of Jesus like this...
"Hey guys, we've all stuffed up. God knows we have. That's why Jesus came, to help us get it right with God. He wants us to stop messing around with trying to follow our own way, and start giving him a go."

Tell me; is the message of Jesus denigraded? Is the message diluted? Is not the essence of the message the same?

Lets talk like real people! Lets connect the truths of the Bible with everyday people, not just those that know the 'Church' language. Then maybe Churches may not seem so irrelevant to Jo-blow down the street!

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  1. Hey Pete, good blog!

    I guess we just need to communicate the Gospel in ways that best reach those whom we are seeking to communicate it to. You wouldn't talk 'Christianese' to those who are un-churched. Just as you wouldn't talk 'street-talk' to those who are best communicated to using academic language etc.

    We are called to be relevant in whatever context we are in. And sometimes that means that we who are communicating the Gospel need to change the way we deliver it.

    God equips us! He promises it! Hallelujah!

    Miss you Petey!


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