Monday, April 7, 2008

Leaders of Revolutionary Standard

Some leaders are terrible. Others are good. But some seem to have qualities of a Revolutionary. Here are some leaders around today that I think that are worth learning from:

* Commissioner Jim Knaggs - Ever spoken to Jim? He'll stand up close, and share with you words of wisdom, and encourage you on your Christian journey. A leader who passionately shares his vision for the Territory (Australia Southern Territory) and I always personally feel compelled to follow his vision, as I have this assurance that what he speaks is of God!

* President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Current President of Liberia) - I watched a documentary of this lady, who is a remarkable strong leader. She is attempting to bring financial security back into Liberia, eradicate coruption, and create a safe place to live. I watched how she had protesters outside her office, she invited some of them in for talks, and these protestors ended up leaving excited and supportive of all that the President was doing. (I don't know about you, but If I led a meeting of hostile people, I'm not sure I'd have the skills to have them leaving supportive of my vision!)

* General Eva Burrows - I went to a leadership day once, and people began to voice their opinions freely, and people were getting hot under the collar. All of a sudden General Eva spoke, and everyone went silent, hanging on every word she said. Now, THAT is influence. John C. Maxwell says, that when the real leader speaks, people listen.
Help us Lord to be influential leaders, for the sake of your Kingdom!

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