Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our time at Sunrise

Say hello to Major Geneen Wright, she's the Manager at the Sunrise Centre in Darwin, and coordinates Drug and Alcohol Services and a Homeless Shelter.

Here's Jo and I doing some Tai Chi at Sunrise. So watch out, if any of you cross with us, we know all the skills... Only joking!

Our time at Sunrise was exciting and challenging. In the Chapel pictured above we spoke about our belief in Jesus and how his saving power can take your addictions and set you free. We did some chaplaincy, we looked at admin, we connected with Drug and Alcohol clients, we spent time in programs like anger management, and self-esteem and 'Boundaries'.
One thought... When doing drug and alcohol rehab work, I believe we should closely integrate the practical skills for clients and the spiritual truths about Jesus in all this work. Sunrise is a great example of clients who have come off their addictions and have become followers of Jesus. Sounds like success to me.

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  1. just wondering pete, did ur time in anger management help? What about your self esteem? hope ur doing better...


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