Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just a Coincidence?

I had a chance to lead devotions at the D&A Rehab centre recently. I mentioned how some things in life seem very coincidental and maybe are just too coincidental to be coincidences... Are you still with me?

We organised a huge Fete a few years back. The weather forecast said it would rain all day. We decided to pray, that God would only bring the rain after we finish packing up. Well it didn't rain all day, of course until we just finished packing up and then it started to bucket down! Just a coincidence?

I remember giving a large sum of money to a Missionary Project that Jo and I felt God wanted us to give. Anyway, we realised afterwards we were $270 short to pay the bills. We asked the Lord for help... At the same time we were taking some Annual Leave from work, and didn't realise that the organisation pays, what is called, Annual Leave Loading (an extra amount given when Annual Leave is taken). How much was this extra amount? You guessed it, $270 exactly! Just a coincidence?

Steve, an employee here at Sunrise shared that one day him and his mate were riding their motorbikes. And they're sitting at the front of the red lights, revving their engines, ready to take off nice and fast. When the lights turned green, both Steve and his mate's motorbikes stalled. Now for Steve's to stall was unusual, but for both to stall, this is almost never heard of. Right then, a car came streaming across the intersection, failing to stop at the red light... What would have happened if both the motorbikes didn't stall... Just a coincidence?

Sometimes things happen in life that are just too coincidental to be coincidences. My friend Les Porter calls them God-incidences. Maybe you might be able to see God at work in your life, if you are able to observe all those little coincidences that happen from day-to-day...

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