Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Want a Revolution? Make a Revolution!

We have started a Youth Discipleship Group at Darwin Salvos recently, and we are focusing on being 'Revolutionaries'. Here's some highlights/challenges for you to chew on:
* Revolutionaries don't just want change, they make change
* Martin Luther King Jr. chose to stand up for the integration of both blacks and whites into American life.
* Daniel (in the Old Testament), was a Revolutionary:
-> He didn't conform to the status quo - At one point he and his mates made the commitment of eating just fruit and vegies regardless what the Babylonian royalty were doing.
->He still continued to pray to God (Yahweh) even when the society told him not to!

This weekend could be a revolution in the making. Easter Thursday I lead Chapel with about 15 Drug & Alcohol clients, and will share how Jesus can give you a new life. Easter Camp will see up to 20 teenagers hear that Jesus died and rose again for them, that they may live for him... (If you are praying for Jo and I in Darwin, please remember these points, thanks!)

If you truly want a revolution, you need to make a revolution. Decide to live passionately and sold out to freedom and justice found in Christ!

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