Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Death could not hold him down!

Good Friday: Jesus died.
Easter Saturday: The disciples lament.
Easter Sunday: Jesus rises from the dead! Death could not hold him down! The devil couldn't hold him down. My mistakes couldn't hold him down. He rose. He is alive!!

We've had a busy weekend. On the Thursday before Good Friday I led a Chapel service at the Drug n' Alcohol Rehab place in Darwin. I gave a chance for people to ask any questions they had regarding spirituality, Jesus, Christianity, etc. Here's some of the questions/answers:
* What about the movie where they show they found Jesus tomb & bones...?
--> How scientifically correct is this movie??
* What about where God goes on about BBQing Lambs on the altar... It doesn't make sense.
--> In Old Testament times the Israelites used to sacrifice animals on an altar, in order to make a 'SIN Offering' to God. A sacrifice that would allow them to have relationship with God. Now, Jesus has come, and he died on that cross as the ultimate sacrifice, and that his death allows us to have relationship with God!

The questions went on, and the discussion went on. We reflected and some stayed a little longer to ask more questions... One guy from the group of 15 has been really keen on stepping closer to Jesus... (Watch this space...)

EASTER CAMP! I'll post some photos soon. Youth from around the Northern Territory came and heard the message of Easter (Jesus died and rose again!).

The Revolution is happening... I'll keep you posted.

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