Friday, January 18, 2008

Some Church History and the beginnings of The Salvation Army

Church History... Not as boring as you think... Around 1054 A.D the Church split, forming both the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church (Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc.). About 500 years after this we get to a time in history we know as the Reformation, when some revolutionaries like Martin Luther and John Calvin created a following with a form of Christianity others followed.
The Church of England seperated from the Roman Catholic Church during 1534, when King Henry VIII of England wanted to divorce his wife. The pope disallowed this, so King Henry created his own following!
Two centuries later the great John Wesley is born, in 1703, and from the growth of the Wesleyan Church, finally sparks the beginnings of The Salvation Army in 1865 through William and Catherine Booth.
What a history!? We stand on the shoulders of the leaders who have gone before, and we freely proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, while others in the past were martyed for their faith.
Many of these leaders were Revolutionaries. Passionate about change, passionate about justice, and passionate about Jesus.
Are you ready for a Revolution?

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