Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Final Trial: Part One

As I was praying, this is what I saw:

The security guard walks into the large courtroom. "All rise. This is the case of 'Satan' Vs 'Brookshaw'. All parties may be seated. Please be seated." All of a sudden I see the judge come out from the back door, and it was God himself, the indescribable, awe-inspiring presence of God. He must have been the Judge for the case. Just then, God calls me forward to the witness stand. How nervous am I! I'm about to be questioned by Satan himself!

Satan stands up from the plaintiff's position from across the room and says, "Peter. I have here in my hands the list of crimes you have committed according to the Word of God. Let me see... Lying, Bickering, Gossipping, Whinging, Anger, Fits of Rage, Lust, Deceit, Breaking promises, Dishonouring your mother and father... and the list goes on! YOUR HONOUR, I see NO reason why Peter should not be sentenced to death, according to these crimes and the expectations of the Word of God!"

I take a deep breath.

God looks at Satan. "I will need ten minutes to look at the case." Court is adjourned.

Court resumes. God looks up from his large judgement seat at the front of the court. All eyes are fixed on the Lord, wondering what will be of this whole saga. Will the defendant be sentenced?! I shuffle in my chair, knowing this is it. This is the clincher. This is the be-all end-all case.

God begins... "I have looked at this case. There is no doubt Satan you are right in the fact that Peter has committed these offences... But there's just one thing... I have looked over the documents pertaining to the defendant's crime... The crimes are crossed out, and all I find written on all these documents... is... "WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!!". I therefore find no valid reason to hold Peter accountable for any such crimes mentioned, and therefore find the defendant, NOT GUILTY."

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