Monday, January 14, 2008

2008: A Year of Adventure

Are you looking forward to the year ahead? I am. I'm back from holidays and start college again in a week, and I'm excited about the possibilities and opportunities we have as we share the message of Jesus with people this year!

In Luke 9:1-6, Luke records a time when Jesus sends his twelve disciples out on an adventure. Do you know the story...? Two by two they go out, going to and fro sharing that the Kingdom of God is near and healing diseases, casting out demons in the places they travel. What an adventure?!

Have 'we' today watered down this kind of adventure? So that today, when you become a Christian you don't do much healing, beacuse what if you pray for someone and they don't get healed, and we just end up embarassed, or what if we share with someone about the truth of Jesus and they reject it? So in the end, we give up on fulfilling the adventure and we find ourselves sitting in Church singing songs about changing the world and then not doing much about it...

But this can't be true. We're a Salvation Army, ready to win the world for Jesus with blood and fire. To the ends of the earth we'll go. Lord, we're ready for an adventure this year. We know the power of God is seen when we step out and do something that requires your power to be at work!

It's time for a revolution. 2008. Are you ready?

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