Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Final Trial: Part 2

Following a prayer time the other day, this is a continuation of what I saw...

After a 'Not Guilty' verdict from the judge, I had a feeling that I should counter-sue the plaintiff. So I took Satan to court and this is what happened...

The security guard voices loudly, "All rise. This is the case of 'Brookshaw' Vs 'Satan'. All parties please be seated. (Looks at crowd) Please be seated."

Once again Almighty God comes to the judgement seat to listen to the case at hand. With a deep breath, I begin... "Your honour, I was found not guilty recently of some crimes I've committed. I know in the past I have not always made good choices and have chosen at times to do the wrong thing, but there's more to it than that. Looking back at my life, I have realised Satan and his crusty demons have been at work in parts of my life. Tempting, almost pushing me into sin, accusing me of wrong-doing. At times Satan has caused heartache, depression, a lack of passion and anger. I therefore plead with the court to find this Angel guilty of the above crimes!"

The court adjournes.

God steps back into the courtroom, and all eyes are fixed on his holy presence. The Lord begins... "Satan, I have heard the counter-sue arguments that Peter has put forth. You have indeed been responsible for holding Peter back at times. I therefore find you GUILTY of being an advocate for injustice, and for provoking the sinful nature in Peter. The courts desire, is that you would now be literally bound up, unable to move and make any trouble. We bind your feet. We bind your arms. We bind your wings. We cause a Spirit-led power to prevent you from any unruly behaviour, so long as Peter continues to live a life, WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB."

"You may be dismissed."

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