Friday, October 5, 2007

Mission Week in Northern Vic

What a week!
Just finished a Holiday Program in Rochester. We had 66 different kids come along at some point in the program. We were singing songs about Jesus, we had Godman and SpeedDemon dramas, Stevie the Super Salvo puppet, games and loads of fun.

Most of the kids that came along were unchurched kids, which is all the better. What an opportunity to run a creative, exciting few days full of gospel sharing and relationship building!

We spent some time Milking Cows on Monday. Ergh! Nothing but poo and wee! I think it's an oxymoron that from such filthy, smelly cows, can come warm, fresh milk!! Interesting creation Lord.
Let me say, there seems to be nothing better than letting people have the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond to it. Lets be creative, innovative and do what we can to invest in people's lives...

There's one thing that challenges me so much since being in the country these few days, and that is the draught. There's simply no water. Dams are dry. Farmers are stressed. Families are breaking down. People are committing suicide. Farmers are downsizing their stock, prices are going up. Some are moving to the city looking for new employment. GOD SEND THE RAIN! IN the name of JESUS!

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