Sunday, October 7, 2007

What about this Drought?

Lord, send the rain! That's what we've been praying for. But we need to pray for it more. We need to pray with a greater faith. Farmers are losing their financial security, and according to Major Lyn Cochrane, even if the drought breaks, it could be a further 12 years for a dairy farmer to get back on top of things! Ouch!! No wonder there is depression for some, family breakdowns for others, and generations of farming communities in despair!

What can we do about it? From our end, there are atleast two things that come to mind. We should continue to conserve water. Not just for our sake, but for the sake of our communities. I also know that we need to continue to pray. While up north in Rochester, while praying with others about the drought, I was reminded of the scripture of the lady going back to the Judge to get a verdict. Back, and back, and back she went, pleading with the judge for a verdict. That's a scripture for us. Let's pray. And if you've been praying, great. But continue to pray. And if you've got that attitude right now, that's saying, 'Well I have been praying, what else do you want me to do!' Get over the attitude and pray some more. Pray with a greater faith. Believe when you ask, God will provide.

My thoughts go out to all the farmers and families directly affected by the drought.

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