Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Embrace the change

I've only ever heard Chick Yuill speak once, and it was atleast 5 years ago. I've heard a lot of sermons since then, but his message I remember very cleary... EMBRACE CHANGE. Embrace, embrace, embrace, embrace change.

Why is it that we struggle to embrace change at times? I think it is partly because of the loss of something that we grieve. A ministry changes and you enjoyed it more beforehand. A leader changes position and you really loved the leader beforehand.

There are a few things we really must do. We must learn to accept the loss that we have incurred. We should openly acknowledge the loss we have experienced, and then we must reconstruct our attitudes to embrace the new reality that is before us.

When God is the instigator of a change, I've learnt to say, God this is for a time such as this, I will follow and embrace the future with excitement!

The Salvation Army is in a time of change. We need to embrace it.
From worship as music, to worship as lifestyle.
From programs to relationships.
From maintenance to vision.
From Attractional, to a greater emphasis on being incarnational.
From Sunday meetings, to an everyday impact.
From hierarchical, to a greater empowerment of leaders.
From a CO pastors everyone, to everyone pastors everyone.
From CO's to teams.
From decline, to growth... to revival... to revolution!!!

Lets embrace change!

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