Sunday, July 5, 2015

Memorable BOUNDLESS Moments - Salvation Army International Congress 2015

It's time to share some memorable moments from Boundless 2015! Irrespective of whether you were there, you watched online, or you found my blog advertised on a Burger King website, you'll be inspired by these. I can't possibly encapsulate all that God is doing in these moments, but let me give it a crack!

Memorable BOUNDLESS Moments:
  1. The story of a Nazi soldier becoming a follower of Jesus and Salvationist.
  2. A Pakistani woman preaching the Gospel to a large Salvation Army crowd. Think on the significance of that for a moment.
  3. The privilege of praying with a Salvation Army officer couple. God released their burdens and hurts after a surreal moment of prayer.
  4. Young people kneeling at the mercy seat. You could sense God was moving powerfully.
  5. Silvie Paladino singing it out for Jesus. Tears in her eyes. Tears in our eyes.
  6. The General publicly declaring, "If your corps does not have a program to nurture and train youth into leadership - then shame on you!"
  7. An open air meeting outside the arena, with two ukuleles, and two guitars, singing, 'This little light of mine.' I shouted out a preach. I lost my voice. 
  8. African worship just springing up in random places. Can you dance like the Africans? Some of us have tried. Be it Zimbabwe, South Africa, or Nigeria, they have danced and praised God. I can't help but think the tremendous growth of The Salvation Army in African Countries is directly proportionate to the desire to passionately worship God and acknowledge God in all things.
  9. Boys from the Korean Boys Home playing the drums with gusto.
  10. We have spoken many times about bringing justice to the oppressed; hope for the hopeless and care and support for the needy. Help us God in days ahead.
  11. The International Social Justice Commission shared that tens of millions of children in our world do not get a proper education. #upforschool - Stand up for education here.
  12. One young lady shared to a packed stadium, that God healed her from cancer. A powerful testimony. A tough, and long journey, but she is alive to share the story.
  13. Everytime I walk past an African, I salute and say, 'Hallelujah!' In a deep African accent, the reply is immediate. The salute happens and they declare, 'Hallelujah!'
  14. The drama teams scattered throughout the United States are impressive.
  15. 'How Great is our God' in a Spirit-filled auditorium. That's awesome.
  16. Lunch at the Blind Beggar Pub, with a group of world-changers - Phil Wall, Danielle Strickland, Ian Mayhew and Stephen Court launching a way of life - INFINITUM
  17. About a dozen different times people stopped me and mentioned they were inspired by my blogging and social media work. To every social media guru, blogger and writer, understand that you are most likely having an influence well beyond the borders of your own community!
  18. "If you want to better the future, you have to disturb the present!" - Catherine Booth.
  19.  The unveiling of the Catherine Booth Statue, located in Mile End, London.
  20. Random coffee chats with other like-minded people.
  21. Praying for a elderly man in Nandos, who began a conversation because he liked my wife Jo's high-neck uniform!
  22. Praying for healing for a mate of mine outside the O2 arena.
  23. Brass bands and Timbrelists giving God praise.
  24. Unexpected conversations with people of all cultures.
  25. Five Generals in one room at once. I thought that was intriguing. General Larsson, General Clifton, General Cox, General Bond and my mate who's a General nuisance. (Shaun Featherson!)
  26. #Boundless2015 hitting 10 million hashtags of #Boundless2015! Wow! 
  27. New facebook friends, some with pages in other languages.
  28. The challenge to 'Stand up for Christ!' and to 'Call people to Salvation!'
  29. Andrew Bale shared the story - Young adult Salvationists who were sitting in late at Starbucks, and mopped and cleaned the floors for the staff at closing time, while the staff relaxed! 
  30. Numerous people from the general public asking what in the world is going on in The Salvation Army! 
  31. My wife playing the Ukulele on the porch the other night, and we end up having a prayer meeting with three people walking by (not Salvos).
  32. Australia Southern Territory people: Walking through London, looking to and fro and calling out, "Floyd, Floyd, Floyd, Floyd, Floyd!" (our TC).  
  33. The General acknowledging publicly (in a smaller gathering), that the Army needs to be in the political space, speaking up for issues of justice, informed by the Word of God and led by the Spirit. Human rights!
  34. I was personally inspired by having informal chats with people 'in leadership' (for lack of a better description), for who they are in Christ, their integrity and what they have spoken into my life this week. Thanks for the encouragement.
  35. In the women's ministry session, bracelets were given out that were made in third world countries ( and women prayed for each other, from different nationalities.Every product purchased from the website, provides one week of clean water for someone in need.
  36. Walking up to an African man, with a straight face and then pointing to his shirt, highlighting the food on his shirt (that of course wasn't there). Then he looked. 'Got ya!' Then he cracked up laughing. The same joke works in every culture!! #dadjokesrule
  37. The best days are still ahead for The Salvation Army. I think the General said that. Some people believe that. I do. 
Feel free to share your memorable BOUNDLESS moments!

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