Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lessons learned on Kid's Camp

Big Kid's Camp in the NT taught me and reminded me of some things, that even the adults need to be reminded of. Here's some of them:
* God is a BIG God, and we have seen his creation
* God wants us to have a relationship with him through his son Jesus Christ.
* Sleeping in a Tent can be the most uncomfortable thing to do
* Cane Toads and Snakes increase your prayer life
* Leadership is about participation and influence around others, and an ability to help others move towards a common goal
* Sometimes you are called to clean disgusting toilets without asking for recognition... :)
* The Apostle Paul says everyone has seen God's creation (Romans 1), and therefore we are actually without excuse before God. The ultimate revelation of God in found in God's son, Jesus.

Thank you to the Children's Leaders present at the Kid's Camp in the Northern Territory - To Jennie Shrimpton and David Shrimption, Vaughn, Sarah, Sherrie, Chris, Emmanuel, Violet, Kaye, Emily and Chris. God bless you guys. God will reward you one day for the investment you make in the lives of these children.

Lets serve Jesus from the bottom of our hearts, and make God famous in the meantime... !

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