Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holy Discontent - Bill Hybels - Book Review

Bill Hybels presents an easy to read book about holy discontentedness. Ever watched a video about human trafficking and felt anger inside, or visited a 'boring' church and felt like God stirred something of frustration within you?
In Holy Discontent Hybels argues well and simply that the one thing that wrecks you, the one thing that keeps you up at night, is most likely YOUR holy discontent. This one thing is most likely the issue that you will spend the rest of your life focused upon.

What are some of the possible holy discontents?
* Poverty
* Faithless churches
* Poorly managed businesses
* Human Trafficking
* Gender inequality
* Poor leadership
* Fairtrade Products - lack of ethical business practices
* Worship music in church that sends even the most extravert asleep!

Fuel the fire that ignites personal vision - Thanks Bill.

What's your holy discontent?

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