Thursday, October 8, 2009

The times, they are a changin'

Walking -> Riding -> Horse and Cart --> Driving -> Flying --> ??

Encyclopedias --> Encyclopedias on CD --> Wikipedia --> ??

Library --> Book Shop --> Amazon --> ??

The world is flat --> The world is round --> The Universe is still expanding --> ??

Kodak Film --> Digital Cameras --> ??

Corner shop --> The local Market --> Super Market --> One stop shop! --> ??

$2 Chips in a bag --> $3 chips in a bag --> $5 chips in a box

Economies change. Countries change names. Politicians change policies. Pastors change 'their strategies'. Businesses change marketing techniques. Airlines upgrage their planes.

Change is inetivable. The only thing that doesn't change...? Yeah you guessed it; 'the fact that things change'.

How does the local pastor deal with this? She's called to be a Theologian, a Businesswoman, an accountant, a counsellor, a team player, a preacher, a dishwasher, an administrator, a visionary, and the list goes on.

Firstly, stick to what is the core purpose of your role as a pastor (corps officer). The Salvation Army Officer signs a covenant. Their fundamental role is to 'live to win souls' and to help those in need. To live a life of holiness; a life worthy of being an officer in The Salvation Army.

Don't be fazed by the change around you. Learn what you can, but don't be consumed by it. Read what you can, but don't be mesmerized by it. Blog what you can, but don't stress over it. Email who you can, but don't fret over it. Ring people on your heart, but you know you can't ring everyone. Preach what you believe is on your heart, understanding its difficult to preach to a wide variety of differing generations.

Times change. The gospel doesn't. The methods in which we share the gospel change. The essence of the message doesn't.

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