Sunday, October 11, 2009

4 Myths of Leadership

Myth #1 – Leaders must have all the right traits

Check out this

ArticulateMoses had a speech issue
Desire to leadJonah ran away
RelationalPaul didn’t get along with Barnabas
VisionaryChristopher Columbus didn’t know where he was headed!
KindnessAdolf Hitler was far from kind
TolerantMartin Luther was intolerant of peasants

Traits are helpful, but don’t stress if you are not perfecting all of them!

Myth #2 – Leadership is all about leaders

Sometimes leaders are in the right place at the right time. Sometimes its not just the leader that makes a successful leader, but the right environment they find themselves in.

Myth #3 – All leaders are heroes

Nah. Not true. Some leaders become heroes after they die. Other leaders are relatively unknown but are doing great things in their circles of influence.

Myth #4 – Pastors must have the gift of leadership

Not all good leaders have the gift of leadership. Some might be gifted at evangelism, or pastoring, or teaching; not necessarily leadership.

These myths of leadership, I believe help us to stress less about our ability to lead. We do the best we can, with where we are, with what we know, and the gifts God has given us. We learn and grow, but trust God for the wisdom and ability to lead. We don’t need to be well known, blessed by everyone and financially supported by the best of them. We plot along, with passion and conviction, seeing God use us to dismantle the Kingdom of Darkness and grow the Kingdom of God.

(This material is slightly adapted from Leith Anderson’s ‘Leadership That Works’ – Worth a read!)

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