Tuesday, October 6, 2009

God’s goodness and peace

Dear Readers,

God bless you in the name of Jesus.

God is good. I’ve been thinking about this lately. No matter the circumstances in life, whether great or grim, high or low, positive or negative, God is still good. Just because circumstances are challenging for us at times, does not change the nature of God, and the fact that he is good. See the point is, we don’t understand everything that happens in life. We don’t grasp the seemingly disappointing realities of human fragility. That being said, we don’t always ‘get’ the ways God works in positive, awe-inspiring ways. God is good in it all.

See, God’s peace doesn’t give understanding. It passes understanding. It’s beyond our human comprehension. We can feel peace. We can know at times that we are peaceful. Yet we don’t really understand peace.

We can question God in things, and ask why some people die early, and others live til they’re 100. We can question God about why he heals some and not others. But in the end God’s ways are much, much higher than our ways. His thoughts are much, much higher than our thoughts. He is still good, because the decisions he makes, and the laws that govern this Universe that God created, were created from a God who by his very nature is good and perfect. So we can be at peace. A peace that passes understanding, but nonetheless comforts us, and helps us feel strong in times of trial. Thank you Lord for your goodness and peace you give to those who trust in Jesus.


R.I.P. Aunty Janine.

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