Monday, September 7, 2009

Thoughts on Prophecy

Speaking prophetically into people's lives can be a God-given amazing experience. There ARE some things to think about:
* Personal prophecy between a man and woman is a no no...
* When people say, 'Thus saith the Lord' or 'This is what God is saying', maybe they just say this out of habit, though some use this language as some sort of authority giver. They are insecure in their own personal spiritual journey, and this extra authority puffs them up. Why not say, 'I believe the Lord might be saying this'. It's a little less arrogant, and it allows people to test the prophetic word.
* Important prophetic words should be backed up by other prophets, or other leaders who are saying the same thing. Don't let a big decision hinge on one prophetic word from a prophet.
* Prophecies must line up with Scripture. A 'rhema' word from God doesn't allow us to contradict the Bible. For instance, God isn't going to say to someone, 'Divorce that Jimmy guy and marry Johnny'.
* Prophecies should be edifying. They should build up the body of Christ. They should encourage believers. We're not living in Old Testament days. We're living in the times of the Spirit of Jesus moving amongst us. Jesus said, 'love your neighbour'. At times he would say, 'repent', and I challenge us to speak that to some with love and support to back up this life change.

Well there's some thoughts on prophecy. Pray for someone today. Ask God to give you a word of encouragement for someone. God bless you.

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  1. What I mean by personal prophecy is those times when you speak prophetically into a persons life, just for them, personally.
    The idea of taking someone with you is the way to go. There is more accountability to the process and not much room for misunderstandings.

    I love getting a word of encouragement for someone and speaking to them, and watching them being encouraged by that!

    God bless you!


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