Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mountains and Journeys

I read the book of Phillipians this morning. Good discipline! Highlights for me were about being merciful. Also, Paul talks about running the race. Persevering to win the prize.

"We can't always be on the mountaintop", my lovely, jab-me-in-the-side wife said to me recently. You know, I love the high. I love the success, or the win, or the progress. What Jo was nicely saying to me was, you won't always be at that place. There will be times of coming down the mountain, just like Moses after receiving the Ten Commandments, and just like Peter, James and John following the transfiguration of Jesus. Ministry can be great at times. At other times, lets face it, it can be plain monotonous. Even after so little years, I have learnt, to 'Celebrate the wins'. To enjoy those times together, where God is so evident, and people's lives are radically transformed. The problem is, not many have said to me, 'Appreciate the journey'. Or maybe they have, and I haven't heard it.

It's that idea of the pilgrim journey. Everyday, honouring God. Everyday, doing your best for Jesus. Everyday, relying on him. I'm not suggesting we wander around with no purpose, and just take life as it comes. I'm rather suggesting we acknowledge the journey as where God wants us, and enjoy it along the way. There will be times we will be up the mountain, and the person gets saved, and the finances come, and the baby arrives, and the soldier gets enrolled and the local officer steps it up a notch. But as we look forward to those mountain top experiences, I'm asking God to help me with persevering through the journey. The next mountain is not too far away! Hallelujah!

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