Monday, September 14, 2009

It’s all garbage

AFL Grand Final. Travelling the World. Watching TV. Saving up money. Eating what’s left in the fridge. It’s all garbage…

The Apostle Paul said, you know all my credentials: being circumcised on the eighth day (something he must have been proud of…), being an Israelite, being of the Tribe of Benjamin, being a devout adherent to God’s laws…. it’s all garbage…

It’s all garbage (he said in Philippians 3:5-8), compared to knowing Christ and being known by him. I throw everything else in the trash. Nothing else matters. Everything else is irrelevant. Everything else in inconsequential.

I want to know Jesus and be known by him. I want to be embraced by him. I don’t want to put anything on a pedestal too high than what it should be, lest I remove God from the most important place in my life.

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