Friday, February 8, 2008

Spiritual Disciplines are Spiritual Opportunities

Quite often spiritual disciplines are labelled as 'annoying' and 'not relevant' and sometimes we simply have not considered the importance of them. Let's look at some:


We may make excuses that we love our food too much, or that we don't need to fast to prove our love for God. Yet fasting is about going without the essentials, so as to remain focused on God. Not only that, my sacrificial act of going without food, helps me understand better those in places with little or no food. Think on it: Some complain that they're going to miss a nice meal, yet in some countries people barely eat one bowl of rice a day! Try fasting. Freedom Fridays, for instance is an opportunity to fast from food, and then spend that time praying for those that are oppressed in our World.

24/7 Prayer.

In every minute of ever day something devastating is happening in the world. Think on it: Someone is committing suicide, someone is being sexually abused, someone is overdosing on drugs, someone is dying of hunger, another person is dying without Jesus in their life... The ability for a group of people to pray around the clock ensures that we are lifting our communities in prayer, asking God to protect people, bless people, etc. Sacrifice some time for it. Look beyond yourself. It may be hard, it may be tiring, but in the end, who cares? Someone else needs my intercession!

Reading The Word.

In Revelation it mentions that out of Jesus' mouth comes a double-edged sword. We also know that the sword of the spirit is the Word of God. When we believe we're in a battle, we know we need to pick up this sword and use it to transform lives. We SPEAK the Word, we LIVE the Word, we PRAY the Word. Then God by his Spirit transforms lives. Don't enter battle without first entering the discipline of reading the Word.

Spiritual disciplines are spiritual opportunities.

A Revolution will only come with sacrifice.

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