Sunday, February 17, 2008

Capturing Revolutionary Moments

Lots has happened since my last blog. Let me attempt to capture some moments worth reading:

* Jo and I are officially heading off to Darwin as of this Wednesday morning (20th Feb). We are there until the 4th June!
* Many are wanting for me to send them a photo of myself in shorts, Salvo shirt and long socks. I promise I'll put a photo on my blog in the next month... (Not quite revolutionary, but if you insist!)

* LAB ONE (A study on Pastoral/Listening skills for Church leaders) was completed over the last two weeks. When listening to conversations, it's good to listen actively, and STOP trying to tell your own story and let them tell you their's! Don't ask people WHY questions so much, but rather help them unpack their stories, e.g. So tell me about how that makes you feel... LAB ONE is actually very helpful in equipping ministers to care effectively!

* 24/7 Prayer is happening at the Training College in Melbourne at the moment. Let me warn you, non-stop prayer shakes the foundations of hell on earth, and people begin to be set free from oppression. AMEN!

* As I was praying yesterday, the Lord showed me the scripture where Jesus clears out the Temple. I began to pray for Holiness, for myself, that I would clear out all the things that hinder my relationship with God, and then I prayed for the Church, that we would clear out the things that are not of God. Stay with me a moment... Do you know what happens when the Temple is cleared? Jesus begins to heal the sick. What a thought?! When we clear out our lives of sin and selfishness, then Jesus begins to empower us to be healed and to heal. When the Church begins to clear out sin, the Church begins to be healed and will heal! I love it!

* A thought: We can either complain or conquer. Which do you choose?

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