Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Beginnings of a New Journey

Well, we are here. Finally connected up with the internet and able to blog. Jo and I appreciated the awe-inspiring view of the dirt-ridden landscape of central Australia as we flew from Melbourne to Alice Springs and then from Alice to Darwin.

The people are relaxed here. We live on Darwin time... Which.... ... can... .... at ... ... times ... ... be... ... a little.... .... slower... .... than .... .... other.... places... It's just different culturally, people are focused yet not rushed, and intentional yet going with the flow. We see aboringines wandering down the street without shoes, enough Palm Trees to feel like California, and so much green grass I almost want to sleep on it!

We feel safe; I mean, come on, their last cyclone was six weeks ago! Everything is fine! (Argh!)

We have spent a little time with the CO's from Darwin, checking out the Corps and RHQ and some tourist places. We have also spent one day at the Sunrise Centre, which is a Drug & Alcohol (D&A) rehab centre and a homeless shelter. They have about 14 D&A clients, and 20 Homeless Beds to offer.

The weather is balmy, with enough humidity to take your breath away. But the locals say you'll get use to it.

We are loving it here. People are passionate about transforming lives and work hard to see that transformation!

We'll keep you posted. It's time for a Revolution.

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