Thursday, December 6, 2007

What are we on about?

What's the big question for The Salvation Army?

"What are we on about?"

Are we actually an Army? YES! Are we passionate about social justice? YES! Are we passionate about Evangelism? YES!

Are we here to relax? NO! Are we called to be comfortable? NO!

Do we seek first the Kingdom of God? YES! Do we commit to ministry beyond the expected? YES! Do we do it out of legalism? NO! We minister out of our passion for Christ. Hallelujah.

Is it really time for a Revolution? Will we put aside our own desires, our own hangups, our own passions, and join together to bring about this Revolution? A Revolution never occurred watching the idiot box! Revolutions are only preceeded by committed, faith-filled prayers, and a holy discontent for the way things are at the present.

Are you really ready for a Revolution? Will you stop just playing the game and being comfortable?

Signed: A holy discontented warrior, hoping to be in the Revolution when it happens...

(As Dave Collinson writes... Just a Thought)

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