Monday, December 17, 2007

A Big Weekend

Saturday morning: Collected for Carlton Corps in Lygon St., and Jo and I collected $696 in 2.5 hours. Praise God.

Satuday afternoon: My sister-in-law Lisa had an engagement party with her fiance Scott (from Scotland). We're praying for an awesome marriage and heaps of blessed years together serving the Lord!

Sunday morning: An 'In-Sunday' at the Training College, where we joined together with the kids and sang carols, read from Luke 2 (Jesus' birth!), Mjr. Greg Morgan preached on our 'Unfinished business', there's still salvation to be sought after by people, and we still need to work for peace.

Sunday early afternoon: My parents got back from America, and so we cuddled and cried and spent quality time together. My sister baptised her baby 'Ella' at an Anglican Church in Williamstown... I pray that my niece will grow up and choose to follow Jesus when she's older. What an opportunity sometimes we have to share about Jesus and pray for our families.

Sunday night: A Carols night at Wyndham City Salvos. 150 people, lots of carols, a unicycle, sausauges, magic tricks, a drama, a DVD clip about Christmas, a message, and lots of connections with the community.

The message of Christmas is Revolutionary. God came to earth as a human in the form of Jesus and lived to set people free...

It's time for a Revolution. Are you ready?

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