Friday, December 14, 2007

Dangerous thoughts for a Revolutionary

Here's some of my thoughts and ventures recently:

* A teenager (who I don't know) from a local Secondary College I use to work in rang me the other day, speaking obscene words into the phone - a prank call... So I started speaking about Jesus, and telling him he needs to give his life to Jesus! Ha! Praise God!
* We don't enter Soldiership or Officership so much because of what The Salvation Army is, but more so for what it can become! What do you think?
* God promised Joshua to give the land in which he set foot (Joshua 1). I believe that can be the same for us, hence the reason we went prayer walking around a local suburb recently...
* Did some collecting down at Melbourne Central Station the last few mornings. I'm amazed at the generosity of the people of Melbourne, and pray God's blessing upon them!
* Do we encourage Christian children to be more excited for Santa than we do for Jesus? Or do we simply lack the ability to share the gospel of Jesus with kids, in ways that makes them as excited for Jesus as they get for someone like Santa? What do you think?
* Today's a new day, a new opportunity. Let's make the most of it. As the candidate's dpt say, give up your small ambitions and come change the world.
* Cpt. Stephen Court has started believing for 1000 cadets in one session. Ohh yeah! Why not? I can think of about 10-15 people from one local corps that could all sign up today if they felt needed and felt called... Lord, call people, and let us hear.
* Lets plant new ministries, new corps, new outposts. Down in Werribee, the corp's friendship group has been meeting in the local Plaza, and new people feel welcome. (What missioligists call a third place)
* Scott wanted me to blog about the fact that he has cleaned some windows recently and that they look great. Thanks Scott; Revolutionary.
* We will have power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us... to be Witnesses. Matrys. Revolutionaries.
* Is Terry McCrann in 'The Herald Sun' actually Lt. Col. Raymond Finger? Just a thought.
* Jesus is coming back soon. Lets reconcile the World back to Christ.

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