Friday, December 7, 2007

Flagstaff Emergency Accomodation

Jo and I spent the week at Flagstaff, which is a 64 bed emergency accomodation for men, found just north-west of Melbourne. We had a chance to 'chaplain' or minister to guys throughout the week; taking guys out for coffee, playing music with some, playing pool with others, and cricket as well. (It's a tough life!)

Before we left Flagstaff today we spoke to one of the guys about Jesus, gave him a Bible and had a prayer with him. We're praying he finds a job that he needs, and finds some people to befriend him!

On the way home, we caught the tram, and as we were getting closer to home, we saw one of the Flagstaff residents absolutely drunk, laying across the seats of the tram. We woke him up and took him off the tram, and bought him a pie and water from 7-Eleven and he sat and ate it, spilling the sauce all over himself. A guy next to us, winked at us and donated $10 to the Salvos... We caught the tram back to Flagstaff and we dropped the guy off. The workers then walked him back to his room, so he could sleep off the alcoholism. What a ministry! God bless those chaplains and employees that dedicate their lives to helping those in absolute crisis.

Thanks Simon Pickens for the week we've had.

Jesus is alive. It's time for a Revolution. Will you be part of it?

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