Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time to Innovate

It has been great being on holidays. Why? It has been a time to innovate? A time to think. A time to strategise. When I get back to College I aim to spend atleast every month apart from people and have my own retreat day.

When's the last time you stood back from the busyness just to think? Thinking outside the box is hard to do when you're inside the box. Take some time out to think, to create, to innovatively solve the problems you're facing. John Maxwell has a thinking chair, maybe that's a good idea...

Here's my thinking lately: I've come up with a great fundraising idea, called TACO (Train A Cadet Overseas). I'm going to get the ball rolling with that soon. Also, I've worked out how to make my own videos and upload them onto RevolutionEarth, which is awesome! Stay tuned for some interesting videos...

To finish in a tacky way... What's the time Mr. Wolf? It's time to innovate!

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