Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back to School

Oh no, I gotta go. Oh no, I gotta go, back to school...

Well, it's Semester Two ladies and gentleman... You know, I think it's going to be a good Semester. A time of learning, a time of discovery, a time of challenge and frustration, but a time where God will show himself to be powerful and mighty.

I believe God has big plans for the 'Training College system' in which I find myself at this moment. I choose my words carefully here, as I believe it's not a matter of saying God has great plans for the Training College, as a building, but if we think outside the box, and see that God has great things in store for how we train cadets (whereever that may be) in whatever, postmodern, postChristendom, posthierarchial, postpaperworkfilled place that may be.

Hmm... God is good. Will you pray with me, that for many, it is a great time to be learning, a great time to discover new things?

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