Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Simple Faith?

Everything's so theological! Well, for me anyway, at the moment. I study hard, discuss the ins and outs of how people truly get saved, what the Holy Spirit means for us, what The Salvation Army should be like in mission...

My head is about to explode. Don't get me wrong, I kind of enjoy the debates and the long-winded ever-circling talks on particular theological issues. There is just one question I have?

Do we have a simple faith? Do we believe that God can heal people? Yeah, yeah, through the doctors, God can use them... But do you simply believe God can heal people instantly? Do we believe God could deliver someone of deep, deep depression? Do we believe post-modern, 'no absolute Truth' wandering young people, could hear the gospel of Jesus ONCE and fall to their knees begging for salvation??

I'm ready and believing God may want to move in the miraculous. At least, I want to be very open to this possibility. God will never do a miracle in someones life if we never step up in bold faith, with the power of the Holy Spirit and ask in the name of Jesus. He won't. He probably can't, unless a bold Christian asks him.

Simple Faith... Simple really...

(Mark 10: 13 - 16)

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